Glengarry Products

About Us

Glengarry Products is one of Canada's oldest sources for electric heating elements and allied products servicing the residential and commercial appliance and water heater industries. Glengarry's extensive line of quality products covers a broad range of original equipment and replacement applications. Our products are manufactured to meet and exceed the increasingly stringent specifications of industry today for performance, reliability and safety. We are proud to have been providing top quality products and service in Canada since 1941. Glengarry's commitment is to ensure customer satisfaction by offering technical support and by delivering competitively priced, quality products on time.

Historical Background

  • 1926

    Chromalox formed to act as Canadian sales agents for Edwin L. Wiegand Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

  • 1927

    Chromalox was purchased by the T. Eaton Company.

  • 1941

    Chromalox started Canadian manufacture of electric heating elements in Toronto, Ontario - this included a wide range of heating products for the appliance industry as well as elements for commercial-industrial applications.

  • 1965

    Chromalox was purchased from Eatons by Canadian Corporate Management Co. Ltd (Can-Corp Group).

  • 1986

    Chromalox and its parent company, Can-Corp Group, were purchased by Federal Industries Ltd of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

  • 1987

    January, the appliance heating element division of Chromalox was established in Guelph, Ontario as a stand-alone business, but still a division of Chromalox Inc.

  • 1987

    November, Chromalox Inc. sold by Federal Industries Ltd. to private Canadian owners.

  • 1988

    November, the appliance heating element division was sold to its current owner and incorporated as Glengarry Industries Ltd.

  • 2004

    March, Glengarry Products Inc was formed and established in Cambridge, Ontario as a central supply head office / warehouse offering engineering support, quality control and on-site inventory systems.